Game Audio


The Tale of Everdale

Download PC (86bit & 64bit Universal)

Completed as part of my Audio Engineering BA (Hons), I set out to create an audio game from the ground up, taking into consideration game structure, scripting and game design along with all other audio related tasks. The project itself was born from the question; Why aren't there more audio games?

Audio games provide a great channel for a range of applications inside and outside of entertainment. They can represent a method of learning through choice for the visually impaired or provide a less distracting story narrative through a mobile role play game.

We are now at a point within the advance in technology where audio technology itself is starting to reach a peak, yet little in this area has been explored to it's full potential. Audio games themselves have proven successful through the likes of the App Store hit Papa Sangre.

The production was completed fully using Unity. Many thanks go out to the fantastic voice acting talents of Becky Dene Horgan, Megan Boyle and Sam Loynes as well as Jamie Stonehouse for your mentorship and Mike Duxbury for your incredible patience and wisdom.



Viking Village

Download PC (86bit & 64bit Universal)

In order to explore the way a living world might work in game form, the Viking Village provided a great opportunity to create sound and integrate audio through a variety of systems using FMOD. By using FMOD’s powerful automation system and triggers in Unity, I could create a realistic sense of what the village might be like once populated.

Throughout the village, you'll find each building with its own unique character, and empty spaces home to a variety of animals and workmen. The watch towers sound out horns to warn nearby settlements while the locals drink, prepare armour and craft boats.

This exercise really gave me an opportunity to fill out an environment in a lot of detail and in doing so, I was able to impose my creative character and imagination onto this virtual world.


Survival Shooter

Download PC (86bit & 64bit Universal)

You can never take basics for granted. A super simple survival game that offered the chance to work on a variety of FMOD systems and really find out how flexible FMOD is.

This game required a very different approach to either of the previous two, though possibly more intuition through making the systems in FMOD function mechanically well. This was a great test for sound design also, being aware of details such as texture or material and what a listener would expect to here from creatures and the protagonist itself.



In both examples, music played a vital role in capturing the mood of each game. Viking village warranted a much slower, relaxed and graceful piece, focusing on the simplicity of village life and the beauty of living in a coastal location. Survival shooter on the other hand required something much darker, much more playful and something that would also provide motivation to the player.

My music production capabilities are better demonstrated in the showreels featured on the Music Production page.

You can download my CV by clicking here.