Music Production

Electronic Music

Through electronic music, I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with some of the world’s biggest names in electronic dance music (EDM). Starting at the age of 11, I soon found that kicking a football was not as appealing as tinkering with the resonance on a synthesizer filter.

Electronic music has provided a 360 degree platform to learn all aspects of audio, from creative aspects such as sound design and song writing to mix engineering and mastering. Aside from simply creating music, I found a learning curve in communication and networking was also required which allowed me to focus on my professionalism and work ethic to achieve my goals.

This showreel provides an insight into some selected work that demonstrates my abilities throughout the last 10 years. The first track in the showreel is my latest production which will be released in the very near future.



Once the ability to produce is in full flow, the opportunities to create music beyond a set of limitations becomes apparent. Therefore, it’s natural my creativity and ideas would spill over into other genres. In doing so, I turn my attention to assigning myself a task, such as focusing on a particular area such as game music, film music or simply trying something out to explore beyond the sandbox.

In this showreel, I have done my best to cover a variety of situations such as producing rock, indie-breakbeat, filmscape and game music. I believe this is a great demonstration of my ability to adapt to different tasks as and when is required. As previously, the tracks are selected from material spanning the last 10 years of my production work, the first being something relatively new.

You can download my CV by clicking here.